Favourite Authors

Charles Dickens was named our favourite author in our 10 Lovely Years, according to our member survey, both Great Expectations and David Copperfield feature in our Top 10 rated books (2003 – 2012).

The stats say Dickens is a sure-fire winner — three for three in competitve action — though the results haven’t always met with universal acclaim (cf. the decidedly mixed review of Hard Times).

Dickens finished No. 2 in the nominations league table and of those authors nominated multiple times, only Dickens and Edith Wharton enjoy a perfect record of success.

1 Charles Dickens
2 Evelyn Waugh
3 Graham Greene
Jonathan Coe
Patrick Hamilton
6 Edith Wharton
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Haruki Murakami
Kazuo Ishiguro
Raymond Carver
Tom Wolfe
12 Ernest Hemmingway
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Joseph Conrad
Lionel Shriver
Mark Twain
Raymond Chandler
18 Chuck Palahniuk